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Book Binding

Traditional Bookbinding at Period Books

Period Books will create for you at your preference, a beautifully crafted, quality hardback book using either traditional or modern methods that will last for generations.


Our in-house graphics artist can also assist you in designing a beautifully crafted book cover whether your book is covered with buckram, bookcloth, leather or paperback.

Sewn book block

Our Process

After we have received your request, we will either scan your work if not already digitized, then upload it to a digitized file. This will allow us to "clean up" any marks or other foreign defects from your work.

Once this process is completed we then format the file to the appropriate book size, whether the book block will be sewn into signatures or sent to the Perfect Binder for binding.

During the bookblock process your book cover will be in the design stages for embossing, debossing, foiling or other graphic design considerations.

When your book is completed it will go through a final quality check for any manufacturing irregularities, then shipped off to you!

Period Books uses the traditional bookbinding style whenever possible. 

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