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Adventures of Purse and Person, Virginia, 1607-1624/5 (Hardback, 1987, 3rd Edition) - Order of First Families of Virginia

Very mild shelf wear with very light scuff marks on covers. Pages in excellent condition with no apparent markings. Binding is in excellent condition. Very nice book.


Virginia: Order of First Families of Virginia, 1987. Third Edition. Hardcover. Aqua paper boards, gilt letters on spine, gilt motif on front cover, maps on flylfeaves, 827 pp., 17 BW illus. VG

The Third edition of this vital genealogical resource for those with Virginia ancestors. "The purpose of this volume has been to develop the descendants of the following groups: 1. Adventurers of purse who either came to Virginia in the period 1607-1625 and had descendants or who did not come to Virginia within that period but whose grandchildren were residents there. 2. Immigrants to Virginia, i.e. Adventurers of person, 1607-1625 who left descendants. There are 109 individuals who have been identified as qualifying in these groups. The descendants of each of the 109 individuals are presented through three generations, bringing the history of the family of that individual through the seventeenth century." (p. xv).

Adventures of Purse and Person, Virginia, 1607-1624/5 (Hardback, 1987, 3rd Editi

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