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Decision at the Chesapeake (Hardback, 1964) - Larrabee


Ex-library copy with card pocket at rear of book, black marker lines on first few pages to block out library information. Dust jacket in fair condition with two holes on the back and bottom of dust jacket, about the size of a nickle. Red marker along edge of rear side of dust jacket. Some soiling and wear. 


Published in 1964 and currently out print, this volume takes the subject of the southern campaign of the American Revolution in three section: background of the key leaders, the southern campaign itself, and the hugely overlooked naval engagement off of Cape Henry, Virginia, called the Battle of the Capes or the Battle of the Chesapeake. It was this key naval event that led to the eventual surrender of a major British Army under the command of Lord Cornwallis in Yorktown; the largest British military defeat in that war.

I had the pleasure of being introduced to this gem of a history book, as it is the assigned text to the Yorktown elective at the Joint Forces Staff College, Naval Station Norfolk, VA., where Operational Art and Operational Design are heavily emphasized. An outstanding course!

Decision at the Chesapeake correctly brings to light that it was the southern campaign, more so than the military events in New England, which finally produced enough setbacks for the British and led Lord Cornwallis to move his army to the Chesapeake region. This move, he anticipated, would posture him to reinforce General Clinton in New York, but in the end it led to his army's demise in the siege at Yorktown. One of the best books on the American Revolution by far! Eternally relevant!

Decision at the Chesapeake (Hardback, 1964) - Larrabee

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