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Delaware History: Fall-Winter 1976 (Paperback, Vol. XVII, No. 2)

Front cover has some minor creases, back cover has wear around the edges but otherwise in good shape. Binding good and pages mostly in great condition.


Alice Dunbar-Nelson: Delaware Writer and Woman of Affairs

Gloria T Hull


Young Senator Clayton and the Early Jackson Years

Richard Arden Wire


The Transfer and Diffusion of British Technology: Benjamin Latrobe and the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal

Darwin H. Stapleton and Thomas C. Guider


James Curtis Booth: Delaware's First Geologist

Stewart Rafert


A Glimpse of Boarding School Education for Girls in Newark, Delaware in 1838 and 1839

Mary Burton Derrickson McCurdy



Old Town Hall. Pen and ink drawing by Nancy Earl - Cover

Alice Dunbar-Nelson                                                        Facing Page 98

Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Feeder                Facing Page 130

Vicker's Stone Bridge                                                       Facing Page 130

Delaware History: Fall-Winter 1976 (Paperback, Vol. XVII, No. 2)

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