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You can order this book for $42 if you order through the Sproul DNA Project. The additional three dollars by ordering it here is to cover the Ebay fees. The proceeds of the sale of this book is donated to the Sproul DNA Project. You can visit them at The Sproul DNA Project holds exclusive permission to reproduce this book.

Fred was a thorough and meticulous researcher, who checked and double checked each piece of invaluable information that he collected. He gathered this into two seminal volumes on the Sproules, Volume 1 on the Scottish Sproules and Volume 2 on the Sproules in Ireland. Each volume is beautifully written and easy to follow and, above all, he carefully referenced each piece of data, so that we who follow after him can make use of them.

Fred was born in Ireland on 28 May 1926, in a place called Carrivetragh, County Monaghan. But Fred was from Tyrone Sproule stock, from the Grennan Sproules of Dromore, and it was  researching this family that began his interest in the family history. Like many of us, he began late in life, after he had retired.

Fred's family had left Ireland when he was just two years old. His father George and mother Olive, bought a farm near Strathmore, Alberta, in what was known as the Anzac Colony, a settlement for WWI veterans. Fred received his first nine years of education at the one room school called Ploegsteerte School, named after a town in Belgium near a WWI battle. He became a teacher at a young age, and it was actually later, in the early 50's, when he completed his Bachelor of Education at the University of Alberta.

He retired to Edmonton in 1982, and it was there that he began his work on the Sproule family history. Fred's contribution to our knowledge of the Sproule families cannot be underestimated. His work on the Scottish Sproules, the history of the family there, is comprehensive and detailed. His history of the Sproules in Ireland contains information that could easily have been lost, and his own family Sproule line, the family of Charles Sproule of Upper Grennan, has fine detail that we would never had known.

Sproule Families of Scotland

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