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The Irish and Anglo-Irish Landed Gentry : When Cromwell Came to Ireland; or a Supplement to Irish Pedigrees (Paperback, 2001) - O'Hart, Clearfield

This book has had very light use with no apparent markings or damage to the cover or pages. Very nice copy for your book shelf!



This work is often considered a companion volume of O'Hart's, "Irish Pedigrees: the Orgin and Stem of the Irish Nation", 2 Volumes, the Third Edition of which was published in 1881, and provided the genealogies of the families which branched from that ancient stem ; together with the genealogies of Anglo-Irish and Anglo-Norman families which settled in Ireland from time to time since the English invasion. In this Volume the author documents some 257 additional genealogies which were collected, most of them in the MSS. Library of Trinity College, or in the Royal Irish Academy, Dublin, since the Third Edition of Irish Pedigrees was compiled, with a few of the original genealogies contained in that Edition, corrected or enlarged. Also included within "The Irish and Anglo-Irish Landed Gentry" is an extensive Appendix, which provides transcriptions of primary sources destroyed by fire in 1922. The author has also included numerous lists of Forfeiting Proprietors, names included on "Transplanters' Certificates," lists relating to the seventeenth-century land settlements, lists of the Irish Brigades, and much, much more. Approximately 22,000 surname references. Paperback, (1884), repr. Appendices, Index, 792 pp.


The Irish and Anglo-Irish Landed Gentry : When Cromwell Came to Ireland; or a Su

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